Object Constellation Right Ascension Declination
M1, Saturn Taurus 5:35 +22.6
Scope Focal Length FOV Camera
Televue TV-85 480mm about 53'x40' SBIG ST-2000XM
Date Start Exposure Location
1/3/2003 21:27 17 minutes (17x1m) Temecula, CA
Saturn about ready to pass in front of M1, the crab nebula. At the time of this image Saturn is about 4 arcminutes east of the center of M1. The anglular size of Saturn (20 arcseconds) is about 15 times smaller than M1. However, Saturn is so much brighter than M1 (mag 0.4 vs. 8.4), that it is completely over exposed in these one minute exposures. The image above shows saturn at the same image scale, with an exposure time of 0.02 seconds.
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