Object Constellation Right Ascension Declination
P/2008 Q2 Aries 2:59 17:17
Scope Focal Length FOV Camera
8" Newtonion 927mm 51'x34' SBIG ST-8XME
Date Start Exposure Location
11/29/2008 18:55 L:50 minutes Johnson Valley, CA
Interesting objects in this image:
1) Comet P/2008 Q2 - M15.2 (calculated)
2) The minor planet (20439) 1999 JM28 - M16.2 (calculated)
3) PGC11326 - M16.7
4) PGC1528554 - M17.0
An apparently uncatalogued background nebula. I estimate the brightest areas to be about M18.3.
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